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Buyers Remorse is that nagging feeling that your dream home … isn’t actually right for you.

Trulia reports that as many as 51% of homeowners regretted something about the home they bought or the process of choosing it.

If you want to be in the 49% who enjoy their home purchase experience and love their home, we are here to help. As your agents, we will not only show you homes you’ll love but also walk you through the hard questions to think deeply about how to choose a home that fits your life today and into the future. We don’t just show you houses … we provide a white glove experience.

A home inspection is an important step that protects you from the worse type of buyers remorse. Remorse of things you can not see such as the foundation, structure and insects. We highly recommend that for the home you want to buy that you have a home inspection. Read more about why a Home Inspection protects you and other Frequently Asked Questions.

Already purchased your home and it’s not quiet the dream? Here’s excellence advice from MarketWatch.

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